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About Us

About Us

I often think of people who have retired or are no longer wih us that have stories that should be availabe to future generations. Even in my own career I didn't document enough at the begining. The history of Outdoor Advertising is important and so are the contributions of those we learned from. Others learn from us and continue to pioneer new paths in the world of Out of Home.

Billboards have gone from fliers posted for the circus, Berma-Shave, and even as far back as to the ancient Egyptians. Some of us used paint to letter billboards while others learned the art of billposting paper with glue. Today computer printed vinyl is more of a standard and LED is all the rage. Tomorrow will be even more exciting because those entering our business will always search for the most cost effective and creative way to inform the public.

While many of us remember tight neckties in an un-airconditioned car while cold calling, our sales forces enjoy GPS, cell phones, tablets, and even Skype. Those like my Son, Darren (Pictured on the left) will have opportunities we never imagined. Hard work stays the same but the tools get better and better.

Artsts have gone from hand lettered designs on a drafting table, to rub on letters, And to color inkjet printers. We use awesome drawing software that allows us to push creativity yet to be reached. Outdoor Advertising is in exciting times and we can't even fathom what tomorrow will bring.

I wanted to document technic, photos, and those who made it all happen and those who continue to do so.

I hope you agree and will give us your story or someone's that you have permission to document that you know or have known.

Thank you and I wish each of you a joyful and sucessful day!

-Dan Walcott